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How do I make my penis longer?

Many have asked the question "How do I make my penis longer?" or "How do I make my penis bigger?" Have you asked yourself what it would be like to have a bigger penis. Does size really matter? You bet. Have you ever asked yourself "How much penis enlargement could benefit your sex life?" If so and you want a larger penis you have come to the right place.

The idea of penis enlargement has been around for ages. Men have tried numorous techniques that have been passed down from generations. These techniques range from hanging weights, jelqing(a manual method involving squezing and stretching, not recommended), to various other techniques. Some methods work, some do not.

The goal of this site is to focus on penis enlargement methods that are proven to work.

Proven Methods:

How do penis pumps work?

A penis pump is a vacuum tube device that you fit over the penis which increases blood pressure when pumped, causing the penis to swell. This method can give outstanding temporary gains and can give moderate permanent gains. This method is highly recommended. It should be cautioned however that his method when not done properly with caution can damage blood vessels.

How penis extenders work?

Penis extenders work by placing gentle traction on penile tissue which causes the penis to lengthen with time. This stretching method does not give immediate temporary gains like the penis pump can but the results can be quite significant.


The choice is yours. You can try these methods or not try these methods. What do you have to lose that would keep you from enjoying a better, fuller sex life keeping women asking for more. These products and more can be found on the right column.

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